The 4 C’s of Peak Performance

While physical training and skill development are necessary ingredients to become a productive player, mental training is equally as important. Those that can face adversity and make adjustments when things don’t go according to plan will be much better off. And like developing your skills, developing the mental game is just as important.


The four components of peak performance should be thought of as a 3 legged stool, with the first 3 C’s (composure, concentration, and confidence) as the legs of the stool. Lose one or more of the legs and the stool is compromised and will fall. The fourth “C” (commitment) is the seat and the platform that takes our weight and sustains us. Each one affects the other and without all of the 4 C’s working in harmony, you will not be able to reach your peak performance. Here they are:





  • Ability to handle adversity and mistakes
  • Ability to compete against better and weaker competition
  • Poise in practice and games


  • Coachability and preparation (strategy/scouting)
  • Ability to push through fatigue in practice and games and maintain focus
  • Focus in practice and games


  • Being a consistent performer
  • Dedication to skills outside of team practice
  • Accepting responsibility for actions vs. blaming others


  • Leadership (positive vs. negative influence)
  • Becoming a student of the game/overall work ethic
  • Intensity in practice and games
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