Group & Private Training

Bend Hoops offers players the opportunity through 1 on 1 private sessions as well as small group trainings (2-4 players) to become more refined with their movements on the offensive end and ultimately have more production. Some of those things would include setting up screens, getting open (vs. pressure defense), and your footwork when you catch the ball in a scoring area. And based off on the position you play, our coaching staff has a stable of drills to choose from to help develop your offensive footwork, shooting, and ball handling.

Players that can be efficient will have a higher rate of success — no matter what level they play. And the only way to become more efficient is to get in the gym and work on your individual game.

1 on 1 Personal Training

This is your opportunity to work with Bend Hoops Director of Basketball Ryan Cruz, or any of our qualified coaches. Sessions are tailored for each individual and the position they play. Sign up and create a schedule that fits your needs.

Each lesson and package is based off of a forty-five (45) minute session.

  • One private lesson – $55
  • Package of four lessons – $210
  • Package of eight lessons – $420

To book a private lesson for your son/daughter, please email

Small Group Training (2-4 players)

Similar to the private training’s, these workouts will help you become a better offensive player. Group workouts for 2, 3, or 4 people are a great way to challenge some friends or teammates and are sure to make everyone better. ** Bend Hoops is not responsible for organizing the groups.

Each lesson and package is based off of a forty-five (45) minute session

  • Group of 2 $30 per player.
  • 3 $25 per player
  • 4 $20 per player

To book a group lesson for your son/daughter, please email