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Website-Girls team picBend Hoops will offer individuals the chance to play on competitive travel teams at different times throughout the year. Teams will play against the best players in the west, alongside the best players in the region. While winning is important, it is a process and the focus will be on the effort, not the results. Each individual selected will be challenged to expand their understanding of the game of basketball while being pushed to enhance their individual skill and physical development. Pending the season, teams will typically practice 2 nights per week at Bend Hoops and play in weekend tournaments throughout the Pacific NW (some tournaments may require a 1 or 2 night hotel stay).

** For out of town tournaments, the family is responsible for all of the child’s travel related costs such as hotel, gas, meals (airfare/rental car if applicable) and any other expenses associated with out of town travel.

Parent Testimonial

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great spring season.  It was a lot of fun to watch the team at the tourneys and to see them continue to improve. I know speaking for my son that he had a great time and really enjoyed the practices and the games…he was sad to see it end.”

Parent Testimonial

“I just wanted to say thank you for letting my son be a part of your group. He had a blast and learned so much in those 2 months! Please pass my appreciation on to the other coaches too. This is an awesome program!”

Travel Teams

Spring Travel Teams

Please stay tuned for more information regarding our 2019 Spring travel teams for Boys grads 5th through 11th.

Winter Travel Teams

The popular Bend Hoops Winter Travel Team Season (January and February) is back and will offer team options for boys in the 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th grades. Each team will be made up of individuals who want something more than Park and Rec, do not make a COBO team, or choose not to play on a COBO team during the basketball season. Teams will practice 2x/week for 90 minutes and participate in three local Bend Hoops tournaments as well as one OAB event. For more information about the winter program for your son, please email

2019 Tournament Schedule (TENTATIVE) January 19-20: Bend Hoops Winter Jam Tournament (4 games) February 2: Bend Hoops Super Bowl Shootout (2 games) February 16-17: Bend Hoops Hardwood Challenge Tournament (4 games) February 23-24: OAB Tournament, Eugene (4 games) * Anyone that plays on a Bend Hoops winter team MUST sign up for an AAU membership. To register your son, please click here and select the AB insurance program. ** Please use Bend Hoops club code WYY5C3 when registering with the AAU.

Fees A participation fee of $425 must be paid in full at the time of registration. Fees include all tournament registrations, uniform top, and coaches stipend for practices and tournaments. Fees DO NOT include travel expenses for one out of town tournament. For further explanation of fees, please email

To Register, click here.

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Playing at the Next Level...

Every year, thousands of high school basketball players across the country have the dream of playing college basketball. Unfortunately, that dream ends for many while the select few get the chance to play another four years. In April 2012, the NCAA released the following statistics for male and female basketball players and the chances of moving on to the Division I/II/III, Junior College, or NAIA level. For anyone that would like to consider playing college athletics, be sure to check out the NCAA Eligibility Center. Bottom Line: the odds of playing sports in college is minimal and the odds of being paid to play a college sport is even worse. Your best for for capturing college money is to succeed in the classroom.

Men’s Basketball

  • 3.3% of senior HS players end up on teams in college
  • 1.3% of senior basketball players in college are drafted by an NBA team
  • .03% of HS basketball players will be drafted by an NBA team

Women’s Basketball

  • 3.7% of senior HS players will play college basketball
  • .9% of college senior players will be drafted by a WNBA team
  • .02% of HS seniors playing basketball will be drafted by a WNBA team