Final Four / March Madness Trivia!

Heading into the Final Four this weekend, it seemed only right to have a post devoted to March Madness and its Champions. Here are some trivia questions to get you in the spirit. Answers are below. Don’t cheat! What school … Continued

Top 10 Plank Variations

Top 10 Plank Variations   In my opinion the plank is by far the most effective training method when it comes to working the ENTIRE core.  The core is comprised of so much more then just a pretty 6 pack, … Continued

The Need to Know, When Shooting Free Throws

The Need to Know, When Shooting Free Throws   Here are some thoughts on how to go about shooting a high free throw percentage.   What’s been left out, is the fundamentals of a good shot itself (balance, follow through, shooting … Continued

Have a Counter

Have a Counter So, you’ve mastered a move, but what happens when a defender shuts it down? Every successful player has a counter move, or several, to keep the defender guessing. You have to be the one in control. Counters … Continued

The Step Back Jumper

The Step Back Jumper-   A step back jump shot is a move that can offer players a clean look at the rim, with a high percentage of going in.  This is due to the moves natural tendency to allow … Continued

Getting Your Teammates Open

Getting Your Teammates Open There are a few basics in setting a good screen to get your teammates open for scoring opportunities. It doesn’t go down in the stat line, but these are the little things your coaches will notice … Continued

Think Proper Footwork is Important?

Think Proper Footwork is Important? At Bend Hoops, we stand by our belief that having proper footwork and balance is an essential ingredient for anyone that wants to be a better basketball player. And for anyone out there that thinks … Continued