State of the Art Equipment

Bend Hoops is a 9,750 square foot sports facility with a 35-foot ceiling. It features a high performance and resilient floating Bio-Cushion wood flooring system in one full-size court and one half court with high school and college 3-point lines.  Unique to Bend Hoops, the courts are equipped with eight NBA-size glass backboards of which two of the eight are adjustable from 8 ft to 10 ft.  During the warmer months, the facility features three retractable doors, in addition to ceiling fans to keep athletes cool on and off the court.

For players who want to improve their speed and vertical jump performance, Bend Hoops offers VertiMax.  No matter what sport you play, training with a Vertimax will help you run faster, jump higher, throw farther and kick further.

In addition to a VertiMax, the Bend Hoops facility also offers all athletes a Weight Room, complete with dumbbells and a squat rack to gain needed strength. There is also dedicated “track” space to improve explosiveness and agility.

If you are looking to improve your shooting skills, Bend Hoops features the Shoot-A-Way Gun 8000 shooting machine. It’s design allows players to track shooting sessions and upload them to a computer for in-depth analysis.

Come visit our Rock Cafe before or after your workout – the cafe offers healthy snacks and beverages including sports drinks, water, energy bars, and a variety of snacks.

Training Aids

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Shoot-A-Way 8000

Just touch where you want balls to be passed – as many spots as you want. “The Gun” allows for players to take more shots in less time, while it enhances muscle memory through repetition by keeping players moving, catching, and shooting.

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VertiMax Training System

VertiMax is the world’s leading athletic training system for developing speed strength and explosive power to fully develop athletic performance in any sport. If you want to run faster, jump higher, throw and kick further or swing a bat faster, VertiMax is the answer.