Heading into the Final Four this weekend, it seemed only right to have a post devoted to March Madness and its Champions. Here are some trivia questions to get you in the spirit. Answers are below. Don’t cheat!

  1. What school has won the most NCAA Basketball Championships?
  2. What coach has the most championships?
  3. When was the last year a team went undefeated?
  4. Who was the team and who was the coach to do so?
  5. Who did Oregon beat in the championship game to become the first ever National Champion?
  6. Aside from the nets, trophies, and gear, what does the winning team get to keep?
  7. What was the lowest seed to win a Championship?
  8. Who was the lowest seed to win a Championship?
  9. Name all four mascots of the Final Four teams this year.
  10. Where will this year’s Championship game be played?

Watch this highlight video of last year’s tourney to see the heart and passion put into this game. That’s what makes it so fun to watch and play.



  1. UCLA – 11, Kentucky – 8
  2. John Wooden – 10, Adolph Rupp – 4, Coach K – 4
  3. 1976
  4. Indiana Hoosiers, Bob Knight – *Kentucky is currently 38-0 going into the Final Four
  5. Ohio State
  6. The Championship court – Literally, the hardwood
  7. 8
  8. Villanova
  9. Badgers, Blue Devils, Spartans, Wildcats
  10. Indianapolis (Lucas Oil Stadium)
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