Renting The Gym

Call (541) 306-4693 or email info@bendhoops to ask us about renting the facilities for team practices, birthdays, and other events.

Client Testimonial: 

 “We rented on a Saturday for about three hours.  The facility is absolutely amazing.  We have nice facilities here in Portland but yours is one of the best we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy in quite some time.  Next time we’re in town we’ll definitely be back.”


If you are looking for a new location to host a birthday party for your son or daughter, Bend Hoops is a great option.  If you have a young one in your family that loves basketball, we have baskets that lower. Shoot around, play pick-up games or have a staff member put the kids through some fun basketball games. Scoreboard and shot clocks available at no extra charge. Refrigerator available for party use. And when they are done playing, enjoy cake and refreshments at the picnic tables outside under the covered patio. For rates and availability call 541-306-4693, or send us an email at



  • Gym rental must be at least 1 hour long.
  • Gym rentals must be paid in advance- and your use is non-refundable (must use it or lose it)
  • All attendees must have a signed waiver prior to participation
  • Scoreboard and shot clocks available at no extra charge.
  • For rates and availability call 541-306-4693 or sent us an email at



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