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Hustle Plays: How They Add Up


Hustle plays in the game of basketball are often left off the box score and overlooked in importance. Yet as the course of a game transpires, they add up in a big, big way.


The importance of them is measured in the amount of possessions earned. Sometimes hustle plays will bring just two or three extra possessions, but in a close game, that’s the difference between a four to eight point win, and a four to eight point loss.

  • They create energy for the team
  • They get the crowd excited
  • They are a staple of any great basketball team
  • They are a staple of any great player


To be successful the game requires you to have outstanding fundamentals, intelligence, and the ability to remain calm under pressure. Simultaneously it requires the highest degree of desire, passion, effort, and at times a reckless abandon. That utmost willingness to throw your body into the crowd, to dive on the hardwood, to jump into opponents twice your size, just for the opportunity of getting an extra possession, not the guarantee of it.


Every coach in the world wants five guys on the floor that will give everything they have to win, and hustle plays go hand in hand with winning. Here’s a clip of some of the greatest competitors in basketball, using hustle plays to get them wins:

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