Check out our 3 options for Adult basketball players at Bend Hoops


    1. OPEN GYM – several times a week Bend Hoops runs an ‘open gym’- but when you see this phrase ‘open gym’ you should note- that these are not games; rather, this type of open gym where there are hoops and you can come in to shoot around ($10 at the door). This is not to be confused with the 2 options below that feature 5-on-5 games. To view open gym times, click on the word Open Gym or you can click here
    2. ADULT PICKUP GAME – when you see this phrase, this is a game where 14 players register in “Meetup”  to hold their spot. These 14 players show up and play 1 game that occurs efficiently within 60 minutes (instead of you being there all night). These are private games- meaning you must play safe- be respectful and pay in advance through Meetup to reserve your spot. To start your process you will need to sign up through our group on  You can find us at Bend Basketball Meetup and you must have an account.  It is FREE and easy to use. We charge $6 per game. Games vary each week and will be updated on our Meetup page.
    3. ADULT TOURNAMENTS – the 4th way to play basketball as an adult is to play in tournaments. About the tournaments- see description below.



Who: Adult basketball players are welcome to join and play in our tournaments. Teams ($210 per team) & Individual Players ($30 per player)

What: Adult basketball 5-on-5 tournament where your team will play FOUR games minimum (you will get a 5th game if you are in the championship). Game lengths are 30 minutes apiece with the tournament games being 22 minutes. This ends up giving a team of 7 players a very- very full workout but does not get them injured. This amount of playing time has proven to be exactly- right- to allow a great tournament without being wiped out for days after.

When: Games start each Saturday at 2:30pm and conclude at 7:30pm (1 day)

Where: Bend Hoops – 1307 NE 1st Street in Bend, Oregon 97701.

Why: This tournament is designed so that out of town players can do this with JUST ONE HOTEL NIGHT. The tournament starts later on Saturday so out of town teams can drive in that day. And it ends same day by 7:30pm so some out of town teams or players- can get back same night. This is good news bc this format ATTRACTS out of town teams and thus, makes the tournaments fun (as Central Oregon teams get to play teams from Idaho- Washington and the PDX Metro). Every tournament is 4 teams and the format is always the same.

Format: you will play each of the other teams 1 time each (you will play three games against the other teams and THEN- you will play a 4-team seeded tournament. All 4 teams make the tournament (seed 1 vs seed 4… seed 2 vs seed 3); this is followed by a championship game so you can see that you will play 4 games for sure (and a 5th game if you are in the championship).

To join- or for any questions email us at or call Bend Hoops at (541) 306-4693



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