Bend Hoops: Adult Pick-up

What you need to know..

Adults (18 and over) looking to play some pick-up basketball are welcome to come to Bend Hoops every Tuesday and Sunday for traditional open gym pickup games. Win and your team will hold the court, lose and sit down until it’s your turn to play again. These games are monitored by the Bend Hoops staff but are played with some of the understood rules of pick-up basketball. Cost is $7. Games are open to male or female adults. Play for 2 hours – every Tuesday and Sunday on the best basketball court in Bend!

Stay tuned with our announcements and check back with this page, as we may be adding a Monday night adult pick-up games option.

Adult Pick-up Hours

Adult open gym times are susceptible to small changes. To view our adult open gym times please, click here.

Year Round Adult League

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WHY JOIN THIS Central Oregon Adult Basketball League at Bend Hoops?

Answer #1: we will not have a single forfeit- as every game scheduled will be played (how do we guarantee that? answer: this league will text teams the day of our games- to verify that teams are coming to the gym (& if a team is short a few players, we will recruit fill in players via a giant text list of spare players) (if a team wants off- we will replace the entire team- so that- the game occurs)… and in fact, every game- even games with ‘replacement players’- will count. Restated: we do not allow forfeits in this league- every game will occur and every game will count. No more skipping a week and going 14 days between games- b/c the other team does not want to play! No more showing up the gym and not getting a game in because the other team is short a few people. Every single game in this league will occur- and every game will have referees and every game will count. If you pay for 8 games, you will play 8 games. If you pay for 12 games in the Winter, you will get 12 games.

Answer #2: choose either Mon or Wed or Sundays (Sunday games occur 4pm, 5pm, 6pm range- so you can go to Church, watch NFL)- text 5033804539 for an explanation.

Answer #3: gym floor will be grippy (damp mopped & drymopped before games- no more slippery- dirty gym floors!)

Answer #4: solid refereeing (fouls are based on defensive positioning, not contact)

Answer #5: we will provide 40 games per year in an attempt to build a year around consistent program

Answer #6: you can request a week off (even with 6 days notice, you can request to not play a certain day) and your team will get a new game scheduled.

WHO CAN PLAY: Any player 18 and above- from any part of Central Oregon- is welcome to play (also note- that players can play on up to TWO teams). If 17 & under- you may call for possible exception.

DAYS WE PLAY: Choose to play your games on Mondays or Wednesdays or Sundays (text your choice of day to 503-380-4539 and Mikal Duilio will text you details in how this works)

# OF GAMES/COST: see bottom of page. When you pay us- your games are GAURANTEED (example- if you pay for 12 games you will get ALL 12 of those games).

MINUTES PER GAME: two halves of 22-minutes each (good amount of playing time)

FORMAT: there will be a season and a playoff (total games can be as seen on the bottom of this page)

INDIVIDUALS: individuals can join our ‘Bend individuals team’ (run by Mikal Duilio) by paying $64 (Fall price for 8 games) or $96 (Winter price for 12 games). This team will wear RED uniforms provided by the league (each week, the captain of this team Mikal Duilio will bring these uniforms to the gym and will take the uniforms home that night). This team will be average in skill level- comprised of players who need teams and players who are NEW to Bend. Side note- in this league, players can play on multiple teams (up to 3 teams total).

MASTERS TEAMS (40 & OLDER): everything on this page is for you as well- same prices/games & same location (Bend Hoops). Indicate that you are a Masters Team when you join (and choose Wednesdays)- and in doing so, your Team- can expect 2 things: 1) 75% of your games will be against Masters teams & 2) each of the four seasons will end with a Masters teams- tournament- producing one Central Oregon Masters championship.

LOCATION OF GAMES: All games will be at Bend Hoops (1307 NE 1st Street Bend Oregon)

QUESTIONS: for an immediate response- text Mikal Duilio (503) 380-4539 (any question- even detailed questions, a text gets you an instant response)

AWARDS: If you win your division, your team will be awarded reversible black/white jerseys (uniforms)

HOW TO REGISTER: Text (503) 380-4539 (we can register your team by text, with a series of quick questions)

HOW TO PAY: To hold your spot, the captain commits by texting or calling Mikal Duilio; then the captain pays his/her share of the dues online (and at this moment, we know you are IN for the league). The league- then has the ability to collect from each player directly (a service we do, for the captain, when you tell us you are in, Mikal Duilio will send you details on how this collection option could work for you). Note that- the captain covers the balance still due, if there is a balance due, by game 2 of season. This (collections help) is a very valuable service to captains; captains can check in with us as well with questions such as ‘how many of my players have paid so far’?

SPRING (2018): May 14 (Mon) or May 16 (Wed) or May 20 (Sun)
(12 games gauranteed for $695) (your 12th game is a playoff game- if you win, you might play a 13th game)

FALL (2018): Oct 4 (Wed) or Oct 8 (Sun) or Oct 9 (Mon)
(8 games gaurenteed for $483) (your 8th game is a playoff game- if you win, you might play a 9th game)

WINTER 1 (2018/2019): Nov 5 (Mon) or Nov 6 (Wed) or Nov 11 (Sun)
(12 games guaranteed for $695) (your 12th game is a playoff game- if you win, you might play a 13th game)

60 Minute Games

These ‘open gyms’ are much more than your average ‘open gyms.’ Imagine being offered a game – as an individual player – 300 days per year. Well, now you can! New to Bend Hoops in are games for adults with 5 or 6 days worth of different options at various times for individuals to play organized pick-up games.  It’s sort of like an ‘open gym’, but instead you will show up and it’s a real game. 12 to 14 players show up and are put on two teams, given uniforms and play one solid game. A supervisor with referee shirt hits the whistle (on time) and throws up a jump ball. Score will be kept and the electronic clock with will run with two 25:00 halves.

Why is this format so popular? Because you can play or not play, based on your availability. This is also very efficient, where traditional open gyms take 2.5 hours to get in a workout. This game will be 55 minutes. You will drive in for a 7:00 pm game and be in your car by 7:55 pm, which means more time for you and your family vs. sitting around in a gym all night.

How do you sign up? Send a text message to Mikal Duilio at 503-380-4539 and request to be put on his list for upcoming games.

How do you pay? To pay for each game you play, you can pay in cash. But, in the coming months you will only be able to play by having a credit card or debit card on file in a secure server. The responsible company is Peaceful & Recreational Athletics, a 23 year old company based out of Portland that has done business in Bend for 7 years.

To learn more, please visit

To sign up for games, send a text message to Mikal Duilio at 503-380-4539

Adult Tournaments

Who: Adult basketball players welcome to join. Teams ($249 per team) & Individual Players ($37 per player)

What: Adult basketball 5-on-5 tournament where your team will play FOUR games minimum (you might get a 5th game)

When: Games start each Saturday at 2:00 pm and conclude at 7:00 pm. On Sunday games tip-off 10:00 am and will be done by 2:00 pm.

Where: Every game will be played at Bend Hoops  located at 1307 NE 1st Street in Bend, Oregon 97701.

Why: This tournament is designed so that out of town players can do this with JUST ONE HOTEL NIGHT. The tournament starts later on Saturday so out of town teams can drive in that day. And on the back end, the tournament ends Sunday at 2:00 pm (so out of town teams can enjoy Bend that afternoon and/or drive home that afternoon/night). This format works great! Many people know of friends or family in the Bend area to stay with but if you struggle to find an affordable hotel text Mikal Duilio at 503-380-4539 for suggestions.

Format: you will play each team 1 time (you will play 3 different games)- followed by a seeded tournament- all teams make the tournament (seed 1 vs seed 4… seed 2 vs seed 3, then a championship game).

This Tournament already has 4 teams committed (WE WILL NOT CANCEL THIS TOURNAMENT). Teams include Bend, Portland, Hood River and Vancouver, so far. For any question- call or text Mikal Duilio at 503-380-4539 (texting will get immediate response).

Who is running Central Oregon Basketball?

Peaceful & Recreational Athletics Inc. Mikal Duilio has been doing adult basketball for 24 years. P & R Athletics/Duilio owns and runs the league, which runs 50 weeks per year.

Mikal Duilio and wife Ashlie have ties to Central Oregon with in-laws in Madras and friends in Bend. Mikal Duilio and family moved to Bend in July of 2016 and live near Harmon Park. Separate from the adult basketball league called Mikal Duilio also ran the International Basketball League (2005-2011). The IBL was a minor professional basketball league with teams from New York- to Michigan- to California- 16 states total and even Japan and China played a few seasons; this league featured very high scoring due to a unique rule in which teams only got 1 timeout per half. The IBL developed players for overseas play- in fact, in 2007 alone- 102 players went from the IBL to play overseas basketball. 25 ex-NBA players played in the International Basketball League.

During the 6 years of IBL action, Peaceful & Recreational Athletics Inc. and Mikal Duilio had a team in the IBL- the Central Oregon Hotshots; the Central Oregon Hotshots played at various high schools. The Hotshots and the IBL could not survive past 6 years- but for those that- remember- these were some exciting games in Central Oregon.

We want to bring you consistent, year around adult basketball options to Central Oregon. Take a look to review our products and if you have any questions, text (503) 380-4539.