Middle School League Information

Each Fall & Spring, Bend Hoops offers a 6-7 week league for middle school kids to sharpen their skills before tryouts and the start of the basketball season or as an alternative for those who choose not to play on a travel team. The Fall & Spring League is open to boys and girls enrolled in the (6th, 7th and 8th) grades.  We will focus on offensive skill development and live 5 on 5 situations. Practices will be on Friday afternoons (at Bend Hoops) and all games will be played on Saturday early evenings (at Bend Hoops). The games on Saturdays will be scrimmages with, 20 minute running clocks for each half and time and score will be kept on the scoreboard. Teams will mixed up, and be formed equally each week.


Sorry we will not be doing 2023 Spring or Fall Leagues

  •  When: (Fri, April 8th & Sat, April 9th) through/including (Fri, May 20th & Sat, May 21st, 2022)
  •  Register as an individual and be placed on a team by the Bend Hoops coaching staff
  •  Individuals MUST bring a reversible jersey (black/white) to each practice and game
  •  All practices are Friday afternoon from 4:30 – 6:30 pm
  •  All games/scrimmages will tip off on Saturdays in the 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm range
  • Cost: $615.00

To register your son or daughter, please click here


Important info for participating players and parents.

  1. FRIDAYS– is a 2 hour practice- do not call us if you are going to be late- just show up- wave to the Coach – and jump in the next drill
  2. Length of game (warm ups are followed by) two halves of 20 minutes each (each team will have 6 to 7 players per game, so each kid will get a ton of playing time!!)
  3. Saturday gameswe will make different teams every week.  The Coach will make a verbal announcement of who is in the First game and who is in the Second game.
  4. Saturday games- for kids not in the games– they are encouraged to shoot around on the 2 front hoops (for the hour you are not playing). Parents who need to take kids home after playing (and not shoot around for the hour)- that is okay, by your choice.
  5. Our Coaching staff will ask for a parent volunteer each game to run the scoreboard.
  6. One coach will coach both teams – he/she will coach all players for both teams (to keep the message the same for all kids)
  7. Man to man -is the only defense played
  8. All Games will have a Referee that will keep the games moving along