You’ve heard the phrase speed kills. Coaches use it all the time. And yes – it does kill when used in the right setting and in combination with another skill: change of speed. Not everyone can be the fastest or the quickest on the court, but anyone can learn to change speeds and put the defense on their heels.

If you look at some of the best point guards and shooting guards in the country, they all change their pace very well. They have become masters of controlling their bodies and stopping and starting on a dime. Whether it’s flying down the court on a fast break to pull up for a jumper, blowing by a defender to the rim in the half court, or drop stepping to the bucket for an easy two, change of pace is what it’s all about.

Watch all the great ball handlers and you’ll notice the same thing aside from their ball control, shooting, passing, and ability to read defenses. And that same thing is how quickly they can change their speed in certain situations, in effect making them more dangerous players.

Here are some great examples:

Chris Paul (LA Clippers) –

Marcus Paige (UNC) –

Jazz Johnson (Lake Oswego High School) –

Diana Taurasi (Phoenix Mercury) –

Amber Orrange (Stanford) –

Asia Durr (Saint Pius X Catholic High School – GA) –

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