Developing Athletes

Strength and Conditioning at Bend Hoops can give anyone the opportunity to develop the strength, speed, and quickness needed to take any athlete’s game to the next level and train like a pro. Our programs can help any male or female athlete, whether you are a young basketball or volleyball player looking to improve vertical jump, a football or soccer player looking to improve quickness, or a baseball player hoping to improve strength. Programs will be designed specific to each sport or for athletes looking to improve over-all athleticism by:

~ Developing strength ~

~ Improving Core Strength and Stability ~

~ Increasing Speed and Agility ~

~ Improving Change of Direction ~

~ Increasing range of motion and flexibility ~

Strength & Conditioning

1 on 1 Personal Training

This is your chance to have the most individualized training plan tailored for YOU and YOUR needs. For more information regarding rates and availability, please email

Bend Hoops pricing – per 45 minute session

  • One individual – $45
  • Package of 4 – $130

Small Groups (2-4 athletes)

Grab a couple of teammates or friends for some motivation and accountability. Even though you might be with some friends, this will be a challenging workout. For more information regarding rates and availability, please email

Bend Hoops pricing – per 45 minute session (all individuals in the group must be active members to receive the member discount)

  • For 2 individuals – $25/person
  • For 3 individuals – $20/person
  • For 4 individuals – $15/person


Adult Fitness Classes

Website-Mens group


These high energy fast paced butt-kicking workouts are now co-ed and offered to anyone looking to get in shape or back in shape.

For more information, please email