“It has nothing to do with talent, and everything to do with effort!”

The Bend Hoops training programs will offer middle school and high school athletes of all sports the opportunity to train prior to the season so they can try and attain the best results during the season. Paul Cain will help male and female athletes gain strength and flexibility while helping improve conditioning for each respective sport.

Pending the age group and time of year, programs will be offered at various times (fall, winter, spring, summer) and run in either 6 or 8 week sessions. The programs will be designed specific to an individuals sport with the intent of helping them achieve maximum results in the upcoming season. Whether you are trying to get stronger, faster, or quicker this program is sure to help!

Strength and Conditioning Programs

Summer: June 25-August 8, 2018

Sessions will run each Monday and Wednesday and last one hour. Middle School athletes will go from 3:00-4:00 pm and High School athletes will go from 4:00-5:00 pm. The cost is $240 per person for the 6 week session.

MIDDLE SCHOOL athletes, register here.

HIGH SCHOOL athletes, register here.


Upcoming Fall Program:

September 18-October 25

Middle School and High School athletes


Vertical Jump Training Program



Summer Session: June 25-August 10, 2018

Looking to add a few inches to your vertical jump? Offered for the first time in the fall of 2017, this 6 week program is sure to add inches to your ‘vert’ and will improve one’s overall athleticism. Made up of exercises that are specific to improving explosiveness, the program will also consist of plyometrics, stretching, adbodminal exercises and The Vertimax. This program will measure vertical jumps pre and post program and will be an excellent way to track full body strength and explosiveness.

  • 6 week program (no sessions when the floor gets refinished in late July)
  • Open to middle school and high school athletes
  • Classes meet 3x/week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 5:00-5:45 pm
  • Cost = $270

To register your son or daughter for the summer session, please click here.