Elementary, Middle School and High School 3-on-3 Tournaments at Bend Hoops

Ryan Cruz's Youth 3 on 3 Tournament

Wed March 13th, 2019 at Bend Hoops

Boys, Girls, and Co-ed Divisions

3-game guarantee for boys and girls teams

$80 per team; maximum 4 players per team

Entry fee includes games, a t-shirt for every player, and prizes for winning teams.

Multiple divisions available to find the right competitive level for your team!

Final registration deadline: March 10th

To register your team, and for more information please click here.


3-on-3 Rules

3 v 3 Rules

  • 14 minute games or first team to 21 points
  • 2 point field goals are 2 points, 3 point field goals are 3 points
  • On a “check”, ball must be passed in
  • After 4 team fouls, a point and the ball is awarded to the offense
  • On a shooting foul, offensive team is awarded a point and the ball
  • Losers outs
  • Defensive team is granted possession on jump balls
  • The winner is the team with the highest score at the end of 14 minutes or first to 21 points
  • The ball must be “checked” to start play *exception is off of defensive rebound, ball just needs to pass the 3 point line and play continues
  • NO timeouts
  • Teams can have up to 4 players on roster

Previous 3-on-3 Champions

Congratulations to our Fall 2018 Cruz’s 3 v 3 Shootout Champions!  Thanks again to our title sponsors Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys andTherapeutic Associates- Athletic Club of Bend.

Thank you for spending time in the gym on your day off of school to prep for your season.  I always enjoy the energy and atmosphere this tourney brings.  The next Shootout will take place March 13, 2019 Mark your calendars now!

ACC Conference– Trailblazers (Kade, Jake, Kadence)
Big 12 Conference– Bulldogs (George, Carter, Oliver)
Big Sky Conference– Queens of the Key (Emerson, Zoe, Chloe)
Pac 12 Conference– Bend Ballers (Andrew, Mason, Jack)
SEC Conference– Bledsoe (Collin, Riley, Mac)
Western Conference– Trifecta (Jack, Ben, Blake)