5th/6th grade champs, Medford ROGUES











There will be a DAILY admission and paying the fee at one facility, allows you to access all facilities for that day. Kids ten (10) and under are free and all others will be charged $8 per day. Also, one (1) designated parent from EACH team will run the clock and one parent will keep the score sheet. In exchange, those two parents will not be charged an admission fee all weekend. For further explanation, please see the Event Regulations and communicate directly with the head coach.

December 1-2, 2018: With the regular season just getting started, get your team ready for the long haul by coming to Bend, OR in early December for what will be a great weekend.

Hotel Info: Bend Hoops is proud to announce that all tournaments will have discounted rates with the Red Lion hotel. To find out about rates and availability, please call 541-382-7011 and mention ‘Bend Hoops Tip Off Classic’ to receive the discounted rate.

Registration Details:

– Boys teams in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8

– 4 game guarantee for each team

– All championship games played at Bend Hoops

– $275 per team

– $250 for early bird registration by November 2, 2018

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