Bend Hoops 5 on 5 Game Rules

All Bend Hoops basketball tournaments will be open to middle school based teams as well as true ‘travel teams’ in the 5th-8th grades. There will be no limitations on style of play (pressing, trapping, playing a zone, etc.) for all grade levels. Any questions or issues that arise throughout a tournament, must be addressed immediately with the tournament director or site supervisor. For additional information, please see the Bend Hoops Event Regulations. Games will use the following list of rules.

  1. Each game will be two (2) 16 minute stop clock halves. When a team is leading by more than 20 points in the second half, the clock will continue to run until the deficit is below 20 points. When the deficit is less than 20 points, normal stop clock timing will resume.
  2. 5 minute warm up time
  3. 3 minute halftime
  4. 3 timeouts per game
  5. 5 fouls per player
  6. Intentional and technical fouls will result in an automatic two points and ball out of bounds
  7. All overtimes are two minutes
  8. Each team will receive 1 additional timeout per overtime period
  9. Tournament games WILL NOT start before their scheduled time
  10. Any other rules will follow those set forth by the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations).

Ball Size: 5th and 6th grade teams may use the 28.5″ basketball, or if AGREED UPON, teams may use use the regulation 29.5″ basketball.

4 Game Guarantee: All registered teams will play 4 games.

3-Team Pools: The following tiebreaker will be used to determine place of finish:

  1. Number of wins
  2. Head to head result
  3. Point Differential
  4. Points Allowed
  5. Points Scored
  6. Coin Flip

4-Team Pools: A 4-team pool can have no pool play ties as first game winners play each other and first game losers play each other. So the place of finish is determined by:

  1. Winner of both games is 1st place
  2. Winner of first game and loser of second game is 2nd place
  3. Loser of first game and winner of second game is 3rd place
  4. Loser of both games is 4th place.

Note: 4-team pools within an 8-team division are different and use Round Robin play to determine pool finish. In the event of a tie in one of these pools then the 3-Team Pool Tiebreakers listed are used.

Participant Conduct: The Bend Hoops tournament staff reserves the right to eject any player, coach, official, or spectator from any facility for objectionable behavior.

The tournament director will have the final say regarding any disputes.